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The lab bade its goodbye to Nishtha, who will be leaving the lab in June 2024.

She will be leaving to do her PhD in Duke-NUS Medical School.


Nishtha had faithfully served the lab as a Research Assistant since May 2023, and her own efforts helped to propel the lab's projects greatly. 


We wish her all the best in her future endeavours!

Farewell, Nishtha!

June 2024

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-19 at 05.15_edited.jpg

The month would continue to bring much achievements to celebrate. Soomin, our undergraduate, was recently award the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science Research Experience (UROPS REx) Grant, and she is currently at the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston for the next few months.

UROPS Research Experience (UROPS REx) - Ryu Soomin

May 2024


The month of May was exceptionally productive and busy for the lab, here's what we have been up to:

The Forbeck Forum for Non-genetic Drug Tolerance Mechanisms was held from May 12-15, 2024 in Milan, Italy. Dr Shruti was one of the chairs of the meeting, which aimed to bring together global researchers of cancer persisters - a relatively newer field of study. Karan had the chance to present his topic at the meeting.

Next, the EMBO YIP Cancer Sectorial Meeting was held from May 15-17, 2024 in Lednice, Czech Republic. Chuqi had his chance to present this topic at the meeting, an annual gathering of cancer researchers to update themselves in their respective domains.

Bhatt Lab goes to the Forbeck Forum and EMBO YIP Cancer Sectorial Meeting

May 2024


The Department recently held a symposium to showcase the Final Year Projects (FYP) of their undergraduate students on 12 April 2024. One of our members, Mi Yang, had recently completed his FYP project, and had his poster presented as part of the symposium.

The lab is also pleased to hear that he had also just accepted an offer to begin his PhD Programme at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

Congratulations and Well Done! Thank you for your work throughout this project, and all the best to you for your future endeavours!

Well Done, Mi Yang!

April 2024


The Lab welcomed two new members this year.

Jordan joined us as a Graduate Tutor and PhD Student in January 2024. He was previously undergoing his pre-registration year as a pharmacist in a local hospital.

Eunicia joined us as a Research Assistant in March 2024. was previously pursuing her undergraduate studies in Psychology at the National University of Singapore.

Welcome to the family!

Welcome, Jordan and Eunicia!

April 2024


Our new collaborative work with the Letai lab explains the biology behind multi-drug resistance in relapsed cancer cells. A key finding was that a reduction in mitochondrial apoptotic priming accompanies acquired resistance to a wide variety of targeted agents, suggesting that it is a mechanism for the acquired multi-resistance seen in the clinic. Congratulations to Karan (first co-author), Chuqi, Ahmed, Shaishta, Hoshea and other past Bhatt lab members on their incredible/fantastic work!

Read about this as well as other publications here.

Press release related to our work:

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (5 March 2024)

American Association for Cancer Research (18 March 2024)

Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore (19 March 2024)

NUSnews, National University of Singapore (5 April 2024)

New Publication: Blood Cancer Discovery

March 2024 (Updated April 2024)

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-29 at 10.15_edite

Shruti was recently invited as a mentor faculty for the 2nd ASH Clinical Research Training Institute in Asia Pacific which was held on 13-14 February 2024 in Sydney Australia. The workshop, spanning 2 days, was aimed at helping new, up-and-coming researchers and faculty in the field of Haematology based in the Asia-Pacific region build up and strengthen their clinical research skills, as well as to develop themselves into leaders in their respective domains of research. The event ended with the trainee day on 15 February 2024.

Shruti joins ASH-CRTI Asia Pacific 2024 as mentor

February 2024


On 9-12 December 2023, The ASH 65th Annual Meeting and Exposition was held, in San Diego, California. During the expo, researchers from all over the world gathered to exchange scientific information, especially in the field of Hematology.

Two of our members, Hoshea and Karan, were given the privilege to attend together with Dr Shruti, as well as to present their works. Hoshea' poster and Karan's presentation received positive reviews, further expanding the lab's growth and network.

We congratulate them for the work well done!

The program booklet for the conference can be found here.

December 2023


On 1 December 2023, the lab was awarded the N2CR Precision Cancer Medicine Internal Seed Grant Award. The award call was made in October 2023. With this funding, we are doing collaborative work with NCIS in identifying the contribution of AML-associated macrophage (AAM) in leukemia relapse will continue to reach greater, more impactful breakthroughs.

Bhatt lab receives N2CR Precision Cancer Medicine Internal Seed Grant 

December 2023

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-14 at 17.45.17_eaa278d8.jpg

The NUS Centre for Cancer Research recently held its Functional Precision Medicine Asia Symposium on 14 November 2023, where researchers from institutions locally and across Asia gathered to showcase the growing field of functional precision medicine in Asia. Shruti was one of the organizers of symposium and gave the opening address, and her former postdoc mentor, Dr Anthony Letai, was invited to give the keynote address.

Shaista from the lab won award for the Best oral presentation for her lightning talk on "Mitochondrial Functional Profiling Links Apoptotic Sensitivity to Treatment Outcomes Based on Age and Cell Lineage in Acute Leukemia". 

Thank you for your effort Dr Shruti, and Congratulations, Shaista!

First Asia Functional precision medicine symposium co-organized by Shruti

November 2023


Frontiers in Cancer Science had recently held their 15th International Conference at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) from 6-8 November 2023. The Lab took the chance to attend the conference to gain valuable insight into cancer research from loval and international speakers.

Two of our members, Aarthi and Ahmed, had their posters accepted for the poster presentation. Aarthi's poster, titled "DFNA5 (GSDME) mediated pyroptosis is a driver for venetoclax and azacytidine synergy against myeloid leukemia" won 3rd Prize in the Poster Presentation!


Congratulations Aarthi, for your achievement, and Well Done, both of you, for your work!

Aarthi wins 3rd prize in Poster presentation at AACR-FCS 2023

November 2023


Our warmest congratulations to Dr Prasad Iyer for receiving the Teo Sok Yong and Goh Cheng Liang Childhood Cancer Grant by the KKH Children's Blood and Cancer Centre! With this grant, it is with hope that his work on Validating ex-vivo Bh3 profiling as a biomarker in identifying children with non-favourable risk Acute Myeloid Leukaemia may continue to change the many lives for families with children in our world today!

Dr Prasad is awarded a Childhood Cancer Grant

October 2023

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-23 at 16.12.59_68a0eaad.jpg

The 10th International MDM2 Workshop was held from October 15-18, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan.


Ahmed and Dr Shruti attended the workshop, and Ahmed's poster on "High-Throughput Drug Screening Identifies Novel Agents to Overcome Resistance to Venetoclax and Azacytidine in TP53 Mutated Leukemia" had impressed the evaluation committee and placed high hopes in our battle with leukemia resistance.

​Ahmed wins 2nd Prize for Outstanding Poster Presentation

October 2023

MicrosoftTeams-image (7)_edited.png

Congratulations to Lim En Tong for being awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (OURP) from the National University of Singapore!

Lim En Tong is awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Prize!

June 2023

Group Photo 1_edited.jpg

Thank you to En Tong, Ke Xuan and Hoshea for contributing your hard work and efforts into our research, and good luck for all future endeavours! 

Good luck to our PHS undergraduate students!

May 2023


Our new Research Assistants, Nishta and Hoshea, have joined the lab!

Welcome, Nishta and Hoshea!

May 2023


We were awarded the MOE Tier 2 Grant. Thank you to MOE for funding our work on identifying mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in TP53 mutant leukemia patients!

Bhatt Lab received the MOE Tier 2 Grant

February 2023


Listen to her podcast here!

Shruti is featured as a speaker in Women in Science@LKCMedicine!

February 2023

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)_edited.jpg

Shruti joins a network of EMBO Global Investigators 2023. Congratulations to Shruti!

Shruti is selected as a member of EMBO Global Investigator Network!

January 2023

photo1690289384 (1)_edited.jpg

Our new Research Assistant, Shaista, and postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Lim Fang Qi, have joined the lab!

Welcome, Shaista and Dr. Lim Fang Qi!

December 2022

MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png

We received new funding from the National Medical Research Council to study acquired resistance in leukemia. Huge thanks to the National Medical Research Council for funding our work!

Bhatt Lab is awarded the Open Fund-Individual Research Grant (OF-IRG)!

July 2022


Congratulations to our undergraduate student Nicole for being awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (OURP) from the National University of Singapore! Click here to view Nicole performing her experiments.

Lim Si En Nicole is awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Prize!

June 2022

MicrosoftTeams-image (6)_edited.jpg

We like to welcome our new final year undergraduate students Shawn Koh, Ryan Jeremy Lim, Yoon Junho, Lukas Wan, Cheang Ke Xuan, Lim En Tong, Hoshea, Lin Weilin, Wong Mei Hsuan (FYP) and Daniel Tan Eng Ling (UROPS) who just joined us! 

We welcome our new undergraduates!

May 2022

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)_edited.jpg

The lab was awarded the Joint NCIS and NUS Centre for Cancer Research (NC2R) Seed Funding! Thank you to NC2R for funding our work on predicting BCL-2 dependence in AML patients!

Bhatt Lab received the Joint NCIS and NC2R Seed Funding!

April 2022


Our new Research Assistant, Nur Fitri Shazwina, and Research Fellow, Dr. Preethi, have joined the lab.

Welcome, Nur Fitri Shazwina and Dr. Preethi!

October 2021


We welcome our new Ph.D Students Ahmed Mamdouh and Chuqi Wang that just joined us! Check out the Team page for more info.

Welcome, Ahmed Mamdouh and Chuqi Wang!

September 2021

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)_edited.jpg

Congratulations to Shruti for being awarded the American Society of Hematology Global Research Award! We are grateful to ASH for funding our work. Find out more on this at NUS Newspage. 

Shruti is accorded the ASH Global Research Award

August 2021

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)_edited.jpg

We were awarded a grant under the Joint National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) and NUS Centre for Cancer Research (N2CR) Seed Funding Program for “Guiding venetoclax-based combination therapy in AML with BH3 profiling”. Thank you N2CR for funding our work!

Bhatt lab received N2CR Seed funding!

April 2021

NUS Pharmacy.png

We would like to welcome our new final year undergraduate Pharmacy students Ling Jing Jie Daryll, Elisha Teh Jia Yu, Ng Shu Xuan, Tan Siew Wen, Kent Lim, Jeremy Tea (FYP) and Lim Si En Nicole (UROPS) that just joined us! 

We welcome our new undergraduate!

March 2021


We like to welcome our new Clinician PhD Student Dr Prasad Iyer that just joined us! Check out the Team page for more info.

Welcome, Dr. Prasad Iyer!

18 February 2021


We just got awarded with the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation (WGFRF) COVID-19 Recovery Grant! Thank you to the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation for funding our work!

Bhatt Lab was awarded with the WDFRF Covid-19 Recovery Grant!

11 February 2021


We welcome our new PhD Students Karanpreet and Aarthi that just joined us! Check out the Team page for more info.

Welcome, Karanpreet and Aarthi!

10 February 2021


We welcome our new Research Assistant!

Welcome, Joel Ong!

18 December 2020


Congratulations Shruti for being awarded with the AACR NextGen Stars Award 2021! Find out more about the award and Shruti's presentation at the AACR Annual meeting.

Shruti won the AACR 2021 NextGen Stars Award!

19 November 2020

Cover_Cell Press Cancer Cell.jpg

Congratulations to Shruti for the paper that just got published in Cancer Cell Volume 38 Issue 6! Check out our Publications page for info.

Shruti's work is published in Cancer Cell!

19 November 2020


Here's an image of our first Discarded Apheresis Collar from a healthy stem cell donor! 

Receiving our first Discarded Apheresis Collar!

31 August 2020

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